DTC clinical skin care company Lion Pose achieves 6x growth with Flowspace

Flowspace has allowed us to scale and grow extremely seamlessly. We spend the least amount of time worrying about fulfillment and warehousing than ever before.

Nisha Phatak, Cofounder, Lion Pose


Lion Pose is an up-and-coming skincare brand formulated with clinically-proven ingredients designed to address the specific needs and sensitivities of all skin tones and types. Its founders are DTC-brand veterans with experience at companies including cookware brand Great Jones and Huggable, an infant formula company.


Prior to working with Flowspace, Lion Pose faced numerous complexities in supply chain management.

The brands’ production and packaging process requires large order quantities upfront, necessitating overflow storage capacity and real-time inventory visibility to maintain control.

Plus, with a newly-established retail partnership with Sephora, the brand needed to ensure inventory availability for both brick-and-mortar and DTC channels, with shipments due to distributors a full two months in advance.

FDA-compliant facilities, lot tracking, and customizable FIFO/FEFO picking logic were also a requirement to maintain product quality, as was a flexible network that would enable the brand to scale as its popularity increases and its customer base grows.

The company’s bottles and packaging is sourced overseas and then filled in the U.S., requiring large order quantities. Once filled, the products need to be housed in a warehouse until ready for distribution, requiring the need for real-time inventory visibility.


Lion Pose turned to Flowspace, encouraged by the company’s stellar reputation for service, and for the omnichannel visibility capabilities its software platform unlocks.

The brand’s Sephora partnership necessitates retail fulfillment capabilities including EDI compliance and standardized SLAs.

With Network Optimization, Flowspace identified the optimal FDA-certified locations within its flexible, nationwide network that would enable the brand to efficiently fulfill product to both retail distributors and its DTC customers, reducing distance and time in transit.

The decision was largely influenced by Flowspace’s comprehensive inventory visibility, FDA-compliant warehouse network, and outstanding customer service. The company was particularly impressed by the user-friendly software, enabling real-time inventory tracking.

“We have had to spend the least amount of time worrying about fulfillment and warehousing than ever before since working with Flowspace.” 

– Nisha Phatak, Cofounder, Lion Pose


Since partnering with Flowspace, Lion Pose saw significant growth. In fact, their direct-to-consumer revenue increased 6x within just 3 months.

  • 6x growth rate
  • 6x increase in fulfillment capacity
  • 3.5x in storage required
  • 30% reduced shipping speed

One of the main benefits of partnering with Flowspace was that it allowed Lion Pose to focus on growth instead of worrying about warehouse management or fulfillment. This allowed them to streamline their operations, save time, and resources, which were crucial for the company to scale.

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