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Visibility at every step of the product fulfillment process, from fulfillment center to a customer’s front door

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Visibility and accountability across the supply chain

Flowspace makes inventory management easy by providing complete inventory visibility of inbound, outbound, and in-progress stock. Ensure an optimal stock level with real-time inventory tracking, low inventory level alerts, and a predictive view of remaining product. With accurate customer demand insight, you can better manage inventory by having safety stock to avoid low inventory count situations while also avoiding excess inventory cost.


Real-time insights and inventory forecasting empower you to make inventory optimization decisions with confidence. Meet customer demand while minimizing storage costs


With a connected network spanning the entire country, Flowspace finds the optimal fulfillment centers for your retail or ecommerce brand.

OmniFlow Visibility Suite

Access data and unlock insights that help you optimize your entire supply chain  management strategy.


Fulfill orders from every sales channel and coordinate omnichannel fulfillment for every customer order with ease.

Connect Your Partners to Flowspace

Flowspace’s breadth and depth of integrations allow you to bring your partners – whether they’re shopping carts, marketplaces, or retail stores – along as you grow.

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Adding a Flowspace warehouse gave us the flexibility to handle more orders and give customers new shipping options. We were able to deliver our products faster while lowering our freight and parcel costs.

Juan Perdomo, Director of Operations
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Flowspace was the right partner for our brand. They took in our requirements and provided the logistics platform to build a personalized and fine-tuned fulfillment engine

Sam Terris, COO at Simulate Inc
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