How Crossrope added a Flowspace Warehouse to Improve Transit Times and Reduce Shipping Costs

Adding a Flowspace warehouse gave us the flexibility to handle more orders and give customers new shipping options. We were able to deliver our products faster while lowering our freight and parcel costs.

Juan Perdomo, Director of Operations

Company Background

Crossrope provides a fun and convenient jump rope workout experience to help busy people get fit and feel their best. Built around their unique jump rope system, simple training app, and large fitness community, Crossrope is on a mission to teach people the amazing benefits of jumping rope and inspire them to look and feel their best.


Before Flowspace, Crossrope managed fulfillment in-house through their east coast warehouse, allowing them to control the experience, meet SLAs, and add customization. The impact of COVID-19 had a dramatic effect on e-commerce retailers and in the sporting industry. With consumers looking for a reliable fitness alternative to retail gyms, Crossrope found that orders spiked seemingly overnight.

With DTC orders rapidly growing, Crossrope had outgrown their existing supply chain and needed a flexible, cost effective way to meet demand.


Leveraging the Flowspace Fulfillment Network, Crossrope quickly added a West Coast warehouse that could receive freight deliveries from their manufactures, while also fulfilling their direct to consumer Shopify orders. To bring inventory and fulfillment management under one system, Crossrope used the Flowspace WMS to power their east coast warehouse.


Money Saved

Crossrope tapped into the Flowspace Fulfillment Network to add a west coast warehouse, saving over $400k in freight costs and improving freight transit times by 35%.

Faster, cheaper shipping

With an additional warehouse, Crossrope was able to reduce their last mile shipping costs, improve parcel transit times, and offer new 1 & 2-day shipping options for their customers.

Better Inventory Management

With the Flowspace WMS central across their outsourced and in-house warehouse, the Crossrope team gained inventory and order visibility and has been able to manage their entire fulfillment operations with one system.

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