Yard Games Gains Time Savings of 30% with Flowspace

One of the greatest benefits I’ve experienced is time savings – I’ve gotten 30% of my time back working with Flowspace.

Kevin Muellerleile, Yard Games Founder & CEO


The Yard Games brand got its start fourteen years ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota., inspired by founder Kevin Muellerleile’s love of games and woodworking. 

The company found early success with a direct-to-consumer model and has since expanded to offer its products through a Shopify storefront, on Amazon, and via major ecommerce retailers including Target, Walmart, L.L. Bean, and more.


Initially reliant solely on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), the service’s storage limitations frequently prevented them from inbounding enough inventory to fulfill rising demand.

As Yard Games scaled across channels, adding retail partners to their omnichannel product availability, the company also found itself in need of a fulfillment and distribution partner that could support EDI-compliant dropshipping and B2B fulfillment protocols.

The company was also held back by the significant amount of time it took to manually handle day-to-day orders and reporting, spending valuable time focused on fulfillment that could be better spent growing the business.


With Flowspace, Yard Games’ products are fulfilled from optimally located warehouses within the Flowspace network, ensuring that orders are delivered efficiently and reliably to every customer. 

Flowspace software centralizes Inventory, orders, and fulfillment activity across every sales channel in a single dashboard, providing the real-time visibility and insights needed to plan, forecast, and communicate data across the organization and with customers.

An EDI integration via SPS Commerce enables dropshipping from retailers including Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn, and Flowspace technology automatically routes incoming orders to the fulfillment location that will ensure they’re shipped at the lowest possible cost.

Muellerleile has eliminated the manual processes that once required too much attention, and Yard Games has seen dozens of orders per day dropshipped through the retail EDI integration. These customers are acquired at virtually no cost to the brand, as products are marketed via the retailer and automatically fulfilled with Flowspace. 


“One of the greatest benefits I’ve experienced is time savings – I’ve gotten 30% of my time back working with Flowspace.” – Kevin Muellerleile, Yard Games Founder & CEO

Time Savings: 30%

Eliminating manual processes and centralizing data in one place, Flowspace frees up valuable time for the brand to focus on growing its business – to the tune of 30% each month.

EDI for Retail Fulfillment

Seamless B2B EDI capabilities ensure a consistent customer experience, no matter the sales channel.

Efficient, Reliable Shipping

An optimized network means products are fulfilled closest to the end customer, reducing shipping costs and time in transit.


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