How Sundays for Dogs Cut Shipping Costs in Half

Flowspace showed us exactly where our inventory needed to be in order to fulfill products closest to our end customer for optimal cost and transit savings.

Director of Logistics and Supply Chain


Sunday’s for Dogs is a subscription-based dog food company made from the healthiest ingredients. When the founders, a veterinarian and an engineer, couldn’t find the perfect food for their own dogs, they decided to make it themselves. 

When Kelsey Chabolla, Sunday’s Director of Logistics and Supply Chain, joined the company, the brand was working with a single, local 3PL for nationwide orders. Shipping costs were astronomical, and her first order of business was finding a new fulfillment provider that could reduce costs and improve time-to-delivery. 


Kelsey had three main goals as she explored her options. She needed to choose a fulfillment provider that could keep costs down, with the ability to offer 2-day or faster delivery to customers. She also wanted a solution that could provide a single, consolidated view of inventory, giving her more flexibility and control over the opaque fulfillment process.


Sunday’s for Dogs turned to Flowspace for its vast network of fulfillment centers, fast and reliable delivery times, real-time inventory visibility, and award-winning customer service to help onboard and manage warehouse partners. 

I evaluated 20 different 3PLs and competitors before choosing Flowspace. Flowspace’s network optimization model showed us exactly what regions our inventory needed to be in order to fulfill products closest to our end customer for optimal cost and transit savings.”
Kelsey Chabolla, Director of Logistics & Supply Chain


With 33M sq feet of fulfillment space across more than 130 locations, Flowspace’s  nationwide network means Sunday’s for Dogs can store and fulfill products closest to its end consumer, greatly reducing delivery times and shipping costs. 

Since switching to fulfillment with Flowspace, Sundays for Dogs has reduced shipping costs by more than 50% as it grows at a double-digit rate month after month.

Flowspace operates as a true partner to Sunday’s, and the transition to Flowspace fulfillment locations was quick and seamless thanks to dedicated solutions and customer support teams. 

“We were able to get our first, second, and third warehouse locations set up in one week, each time. I have been in logistics for years and that is incredibly fast. My team also raved about how amazing and responsive our Flowspace customer support representative has been.”
Kelsey Chabolla

Even with multiple fulfillment locations, Kelsey is able to access order data, monitor inventory, and book freight, all within a single dashboard thanks to Flowspace software, saving time and maximizing efficiency. 

“If you can’t login to one centralized location and see your supply chain from a birds eye view, you are wasting time and money. Flowspace is the future and relying on a single vendor is a thing of the past.”
Kelsey Chabolla


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