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Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Questions

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Contact [email protected] for support with any questions you may have regarding your billing statement.
We recently redesigned our billing and invoice system to provide more transparency to which charges payments apply to. Watch this video to learn more about our new and improved system.

Fulfillment Questions

All Fulfillment Categories

In order to file a carrier claim on an order where Flowspace handled the transportation, select the outbound on which you would like to file the claim. Select "Order Actions" in the top right corner then select "File Carrier Claim." Provide the requested information on the next screen and we will handle the claim submission. As the status of the carrier claim progresses, the carrier claim tag will be updated. You are able to filter the outbound order pages to see orders that have a carrier claim requested and view the claim status.
You can request to cancel an order in Flowspace for orders in Open, On Backorder, On Hold or Needs Action status. Select "Order Actions" in the top right corner, then select "Request to cancel." A message will appear to confirm that you would like to cancel the order.

Shipping Questions

All Shipping Categories

A shipping surcharge is an additional fee added to the shipping cost by the carrier. The surcharges are standard fees charged by UPS, USPS, Fedex relating to certain adjustments, including but not limited to: weight, dimensions, residential delivery fees, returns, and fuel surcharges. Surcharges are not automatically assessed at the purchase of the label but rather after the delivery of the shipment. Though common during peak season, surcharges can be incurred year round.  
The shipping cost will vary per order as rates are based on the dimensional weight of each order. Orders will default to the Lowest Price option unless a preferred shipping service or carrier is specified. You can review your Parcel Settings to make these selections.