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A supply chain analyst at your fingertips that simplifies fulfillment data within your organization.

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Our customers report a 25% productivity increase in their day-to-day operations when using FlowspaceAI.

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Optimize inventory management, streamline logistics, and enhance overall operational efficiency, ultimately driving greater profitability and customer satisfaction. Our AI-powered technology  boosts productivity and automates workflows, all within a single interface.


AI-Powered Transportation and Freight Management

FlowspaceAI for Freight automates the manual processes involved with shipping and freight management, utilizing AI technology purpose-built for fulfillment.

  • Streamline and simplify manual freight management
  • Automate bookings and documentation
  • Improve operational efficiency


Our AI-powered assistant simplifies and streamlines the process, from booking date confirmations to documentation, so you can manage your transportation and freight needs with ease.

Get Instant Booking Confirmations

With FlowspaceAI for Freight, booking date confirmations are instantly added to orders, improving your workflows and processes. The AI-powered assistant instantly takes care of the tedious and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the parts of shipping and freight management that matter most to your business.


“FlowspaceAI has been an invaluable asset. It’s helped me clarify order information and shipping-related questions efficiently and accurately. I no longer spend unnecessary time searching for this information, thanks to the AI’s capabilities.”

José Checa, North America supply chain lead, Emma – The Sleep Company 


How does AI optimize supply chains?

AI is able to crunch data throughout the entire supply chain and analyze it in seconds. This allows people in operations to make decisions quickly.

What is the future of AI for logistics?

Generative AI is the future of logistics. Gone are the days of numerous excel spreadsheets and manual data entry.

What is freight management software?

Freight management software, also known as transport management system or TMS software, is a specialized tool designed to streamline and simplify the complex processes involved in freight forwarding and transportation management. This software aids in automating tasks such as booking confirmations, documentation, and shipment tracking, improving operational efficiency and reducing manual workload. It provides real-time visibility into freight rates and shipping processes, enhancing the overall supply chain management. 

What are the key features of freight management system software in logistics and shipping?

A freight management system software helps in managing various aspects of logistics and shipping. It offers tools for freight rate comparison, route optimization in freight operations, and comprehensive management software solutions. This type of freight software enhances the overall efficiency of shipping operations, ensuring that every aspect of freight management is optimized for performance and cost-effectiveness.

How does freight management software enhance freight management and transportation management system efficiency?

Freight management software is essential for streamlining freight management processes. Integrated with a transportation management system, it can automate tasks within freight forwarding software , management software deployment, and tracking of freight rates. By employing freight software, businesses can improve their logistics software capabilities, resulting in more efficient shipping and freight operations.