Furniture & Home Goods Fulfillment

From small home accessories to bulky furniture and decor, Flowspace is the fulfillment partner you need.

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Flowspace enables fast, omnichannel fulfillment

Furniture and home goods producers encounter unique fulfillment challenges. Sizable and bulky items can be costly to store and complicated to optimize.

Shipments often require extra protection against damage, necessitating extra planning and packaging.

With a distributed network of certified fulfillment centers, Flowspace is equipped to handle furniture, home goods, or any unique fulfillment need.

Order Management

Track inbound and outbound shipments to and from your fulfillment centers across the country

Inventory Planning

Real-time insights and recommendations empower you to forecast inventory needs with confidence

Network Optimization

With a connected network spanning the entire country, we find the optimal fulfillment centers for you

Customer Insights

Access data and unlock insights that help you optimize your entire supply chain

Powering 5X Growth

Emma powered 5X sales growth, achieving 40% cost reduction and a 30% increase in on-time delivery & order accuracy with Flowspace

Flowspace is the main contributor to our growth. If we are not able to fulfill orders, we are not able fulfill our promise to our customers. A big thank you to Flowspace.

Daniel HernĂ¡ndez, North America Team Lead
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How Can Furniture Fulfillment Services Improve My Furniture Business?

Furniture fulfillment services are essential for enhancing logistics and distribution for furniture businesses. These services encompass order processing, packaging, and shipping of furniture products. By incorporating specialized furniture fulfillment solutions, you can ensure that your furniture is delivered to customers efficiently and in optimal condition, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How does Flowspace handle furniture fulfillment for large and bulky items?

Flowspace specializes in furniture fulfillment, particularly for items requiring careful handling due to size and weight. Our fulfillment center network includes specialized warehousing and packing facilities to accommodate bulky furniture and home goods. We ensure safe shipping and home delivery, prioritizing inventory management to track and manage inventory levels efficiently. This process is integral to maintaining customer loyalty in the home goods and furniture industry, where order processing and delivery of large items are critical.

What advantages does Flowspace offer for a furniture brand and furniture business regarding of supply chain and logistics?

For a furniture brand or furniture business, partnering with Flowspace offers significant supply chain and logistics management advantages. Our third-party logistics services streamline the fulfillment process, from inventory handling to order fulfillment. This includes managing furniture warehousing and ensuring efficient shipping furniture operations across North America. We optimize the fulfillment process to enhance operational efficiency, which is crucial for any growing furniture business.

How Can Combining Furniture 3PL and Furniture Fulfillment Services Benefit My Business?

Combining furniture warehousing and 3PL fulfillment services can offer a holistic solution for your furniture business. You can streamline your entire supply chain, from storage and inventory management to order processing and timely delivery. This synergy ensures that your furniture business operates efficiently, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. Combining these services provides an end-to-end solution that enhances your overall competitiveness in the furniture industry.