Food and Beverage Fulfillment

FDA-compliant quality control at every step of the fulfillment process

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Specialty Solutions

With the growth of ecommerce comes an increased need for food and beverage fulfillment, so optimizing your supply chain is more important than ever.

The distributed, configurable Flowspace Network is among the largest FDA-registered warehouse networks in the country and is capable of dealing with the unique challenges that arise in distribution within the food industry.

Special Handling and Security

Consumer goods often require special distribution, impacting logistics. From AIB/GSFI-certified warehousing to fulfillment centers with additional security and special handling, the Flowspace network can support unique or custom brand requirements and packaging.

Lot Tracking and Reporting

The Flowspace network makes inventory management easy with full lot tracking and reporting capabilities in line with FDA and ISO regulations and certifications.

FEFO Picking

Flowspace supports FIFO, FEFO, or any custom picking method required. Pick the right retrieval system for your food products.

Temperature and Quality Control

FDA-compliant network specialities include Ambient Temperature for shelf-stable items as well as Temperature Monitored for beverage and food safety.

A scalable network, optimized for fast delivery

The Flowspace network has enabled us to get orders to our customers around the country quickly and affordably. They provide a level of service that is unmatched in the industry

Mike Gilberg, Logistics Manager, Lifeaid
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