Food and Beverage Fulfillment with Flowspace

Streamlined Fulfillment Solutions for the Food and Beverage Brands

Flowspace offers comprehensive fulfillment services tailored to meet the unique needs of the food and beverage industry.
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Specialty Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

FDA-Registered Supply Chain Optimization

Flowspace’s distributed and configurable network, one of the largest FDA-registered warehouse networks in the country, is adept at handling the unique challenges of food and beverage distribution.

Special Handling and Security

Networked locations include AIB/GSFI-certified warehousing and fulfillment centers with enhanced security and special handling capabilities.

Lot Tracking and SKU-Level Reporting

Maintain complete control over your inventory with comprehensive lot tracking and SKU-level reporting capabilities. Flowspace adheres to FDA and ISO regulations and certifications, providing you with peace of mind.

FEFO Picking

Flexible fulfillment logic – Flowspace supports FEFO, FIFO, or any customizable picking method, ensuring the highest level of efficiency.

Temperature and Quality Control

FDA-compliant facilities capable of handling ambient temperature for shelf-stable items or temperature-monitored areas for beverage and food safety.

Powering Fresh Del Monte’s Temp-Controlled Network

Fresh Del Monte and its third-party trucking and logistics company Tricont Logistics rely on best-in-class software from Flowspace to optimize operations and enable ecommerce fulfillment across its network.
A flexible, nationwide network of 150+ locations, including more than 30 temperature controlled facilities, provides scalability for food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods brands requiring refrigeration and specialized services.

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Unlock the Potential of the Digital Shelf

The digital marketplace presents unparalleled growth opportunities for CPG brands, especially in the food and beverage sector.
Gain access to a full-service fulfillment solution equipped with lot tracking, SKU-level reporting, and customizable picking logic.