Powering Sustainability in Your Supply Chain

Create more environmentally efficient supply chains and reduce your carbon footprint with strategic network design and fulfillment optimization.

Sustainability in Supply Chain

When it comes to sustainability and climate change impacts, modern consumers have sky high expectations of brands.

What’s more, per consulting firm McKinsey, the retailers that evaluate business decisions using an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) lens will be best equipped to endure amid industry change and disruption.



Reduce your carbon footprint

The further a product travels to a consumer, the more pollution is created.

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Minimize shipping distance

Fulfill closer to end customers, keeping shipments in nearby zones.

Accelerate time to delivery

Speed up shipments and maintain satisfied customers.

Boost efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Minimize shipping distance to maximize fulfillment efficiency.

Benefit both your customer and the Earth with Flowspace.

Flowspace’s nationwide network of regional and urban fulfillment centers empower you to fulfill your products closer to end consumers, reducing shipping distances and supporting carbon-zero and efficiency initiatives company-wide.

Powering Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

Dynamic network design determines the locations that offer maximum efficiencies to a merchant in order to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate delivery times. Flowspace has been recognized throughout the industry for excellence in sustainable fulfillment solutions. 

Award-Winning Sustainability Initiatives

Reduce carbon emissions with an optimal network

Network Optimization has saved Flowspace customers more than 4 billion miles in transit and 388,000 lbs in carbon emissions.

That’s equivalent to taking more than 1.2 million cars off the road for a year!

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