Personal Care Product Fulfillment

Flowspace helps you get products that make people look and feel their best delivered to their door.

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Flowspace enables fast, omnichannel fulfillment

The health and beauty industry is constantly in flux. What’s hot today might be old news tomorrow, making inventory forecasting and real-time visibility crucial.

Order Management

Track inbound and outbound shipments to and from your fulfillment centers across the country

Inventory Planning

Real-time insights and recommendations empower you to forecast inventory needs with confidence

Network Optimization

With a connected network spanning the entire country, we find the optimal fulfillment centers for you

Customer Insights

Access data and unlock insights that help you optimize your entire supply chain

Onboarding with Flowspace has been flawless and easy. Over the years I’ve been through quite a few 3PL’s and this experience has been the best by far.

Torrie May, Director of Operations, Brio Product Group
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What are the unique aspects of Flowspace’s health, beauty, and cosmetic fulfillment services?

Flowspace’s cosmetic fulfillment services are well suited to support the dynamic nature of the beauty industry, offering fast, omnichannel fulfillment that adapts to ever-changing trends. Our software provides real-time visibility and inventory management, which is crucial for efficiently managing a diverse range of beauty products​ and packaged goods​. Additionally, our fulfillment service emphasizes the importance of brand loyalty with custom packaging options and ensures inventory accuracy for cosmetic products and beyond.

How does Flowspace manage order fulfillment for beauty products?

Flowspace manages order fulfillment for beauty and skincare products with a comprehensive approach that includes tracking inbound and outbound shipments nationwide. Our inventory planning offers real-time insights and recommendations, empowering beauty brands to forecast inventory needs confidently​​​​. This process is further enhanced by our network optimization, finding the optimal fulfillment centers across the country for efficient handling of beauty products​​. Our fulfillment service is equipped to handle large order volumes, maintaining high standards of efficiency and accuracy.

Can Flowspace handle high-volume cosmetic fulfillment during peak seasons?

Flowspace is well-equipped to handle high-volume cosmetic fulfillment, especially during peak seasons. Our fulfillment centers are designed to manage large quantities of beauty products, ensuring every order’s timely and efficient processing. Flowspace understands the dynamic nature of the beauty industry and are prepared to scale your services to meet the fluctuating demands, ensuring that your cosmetic products reach customers promptly and in pristine condition. As a trusted fulfillment partner, Flowspace is committed to supporting the growth and success of your beauty brand.

What are the benefits of partnering with Flowspace for cosmetic fulfillment in managing multiple websites?

Partnering with Flowspace for cosmetic fulfillment offers significant benefits when managing multiple websites. Our beauty fulfillment services are designed to streamline operations across various online platforms, ensuring consistent beauty product fulfillment regardless of the sales channel. With our real-time inventory visibility and advanced inventory management, brands can maintain accurate inventory data and inventory levels across all sales channels, enhancing order management and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive approach positions Flowspace as an ideal fulfillment partner for brands in the cosmetics industry looking to expand their online presence and cosmetics warehousing.

How does Flowspace excel in beauty and cosmetics fulfillment services?

Our fulfillment center network is equipped with a sophisticated warehouse management system that ensures efficient handling and storage of a wide range of health and beauty products. We focus on precision in packaging and kitting to meet the unique needs of each beauty brand, enhancing customer service and brand loyalty. Additionally, our reverse logistics capabilities ensure seamless management of returns, further solidifying our role as a trusted fulfillment partner for health and beauty product fulfillment.