Reel Paper Expands from DTC into B2B and Centralizes Fulfillment on One Platform

Flowspace is our partner in omnichannel growth. It’s easy and efficient to manage orders and inventory for all channels, with visibility and and fulfillment operations centralized in one place.

Hector Omoigui, Senior Operations Manager, Reel Paper


Reel Paper is a subscription-based, tree-free paper company that makes sustainable toilet paper and paper towels from recycled fibers. Reel is on a mission to change lives, offering the most sustainable, eco-friendly toilet paper on the market and encouraging conscious consumerism.  

Sustainability is paramount to Reel, as is the customer experience. Reel prides itself on customer service, and the company’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries sets it apart from other brands.


Reel Paper saw an incredible uptick in orders at the outset of the pandemic. The great toilet paper shortage of 2020 made paper products a hot commodity, and Reel needed to deliver for its customers. 

Reel was working with a traditional 3PL, and the rapid increase in demand exposed its weaknesses. The 3PL was unable to keep up with order volume, and accountability became an issue as orders were shipped late or incorrectly. Lacking visibility into the supply chain and fulfillment process, Reel was unable to provide updates to customers regarding their orders. 

Reel needed a partner able to handle the sustained increase in fulfillment volume as the company scaled, as well as improved visibility and control. At the same time, the company’s commitment to its customers and their rising expectations for fast delivery and widespread product availability led the company to seek solutions that could support omnichannel fulfillment and innovative delivery methods.


Reel Paper turned to Flowspace for network optimization, omnichannel fulfillment, and the real-time visibility the platform provides. 

Flowspace’s Network Optimization algorithm (which won the 2021 and 2023 Sustainability Service of the Year award) identified the optimal fulfillment centers for Reel and helped them decide where to allocate inventory. 

The Flowspace software, integrated across Reel’s  network of fulfillment centers, provides real-time  visibility and the ability to manage orders, inventory, issues, and more, all in one system.

With integrations to every major ecommerce platform and marketplace, Reel enabled omnichannel fulfillment within the Flowspace platform. Reel now connects all its sales channels with Flowspace, including its DTC storefronts, multiple marketplaces, retail at Target, Gelson’s, Erewhon and Harris Teeter.

“We fulfill orders through multiple channels, and the Flowspace platform centralizes all fulfillment operations  in one place. It’s easy and efficient to manage orders and inventory for all channels, all in one system, where everyone has visibility and knows  what’s going on.” 

– Hector Omoigui, Senior Operations Manager, Reel Paper 


Flowspace’s 99.9% pick accuracy rate means customers get the right item every time, and costly errors are never a concern. 

Reel’s products are fulfilled in three networked Flowspace locations across the country, and 98% of orders ship in Zones 1-5, ultimately reducing shipping distance and time to delivery for customers. 

Reel’s fulfillment capacity has increased by more than 50%, and they’re able to add capacity as needed with the flexible, distributed Flowspace network. This allows Reel to carry more inventory and comfortably deliver on increased sales, without straining its labor force or forcing the need for overtime.  

Reel has maintained an NPS score of +78 for the last year – a world-class rating in an industry that averages  a score of 44 – thanks in part to Reel’s omnichannel availability, as well its ability to provide customers with  real-time updates and issue resolution using Flowspace software.

“With Flowspace, my time is freed up to focus on other priorities. It’s been a huge part of our success.” 

– Hector Omoigui, Senior Operations Manager, Reel Paper 

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