The Mediterranean Dish Grows 100% YoY After Switching to Flowspace

Flowspace has provided us with more time to focus on growing the business. With the time saved, we’ve added new products to the product line.

Saba Karadsheh, President and Founder, The Mediterranean Dish, LLC


The Mediterranean Dish, LLC is a content-first food company focused on the lifestyle of the Mediterranean diet. The company’s goal is to make Mediterranean cooking accessible for people who are not Mediterranean, especially in English-speaking nations. They curate products, like spices and olive oils, for their audience to make it easy for them to buy comfortably and securely through their website.

Unable to keep a consistent headcount within their warehouse, The Mediterranean Dish President and Founder, Saba Karadsheh, found himself stepping into the warehouse and fulfilling orders himself. When Saba was ready to expand the business to include grains and other ingredients, he knew he needed to find a fulfillment partner who could free up his time so that he could focus on scaling and growing the business.


Saba had three main goals as he explored his options for fulfillment partners. Since the company sells food products, such as olive oil, the products need to be stored in an air-conditioned facility. He also wanted a solution that could provide a single, consolidated view of inventory, to help him forecast inventory for the upcoming months. Most importantly, Saba wanted to ensure that the facility where his goods are stored is in FDA-registered warehouses.


The Mediterranean Dish turned to Flowspace for its vast network of FDA-registered and approved fulfillment centers, real-time inventory visibility, and award-winning customer service to adopt warehouse fulfillment operations.

“Flowspace has provided us with more time to focus on growing the business, allowing us to switch manufacturers for spices and add new products to the product line.” 

– Saba Karadsheh, President and Founder, The Mediterranean Dish, LLC


Through their partnership with Flowspace, The Mediterranean Dish was able to save time on warehouse operations and shift focus on scaling and growing their business into new product lines and offerings. Since the partnership, business has experienced over 100% growth in January 2023, compared to last year.

What’s more is that the customer is confident that their partnership with Flowspace will allow them to split up their inventory and take advantage of shipping costs and delivery times because of Flowspace’s network of independent warehouses across the country.

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