How Proper Wild Reduced Cost Per Order by 28% with Flowspace

Flowspace has been an invaluable partner as the brand expands. Not only have we been able to drive down costs, they also ensure we deliver on our commitment to an excellent experience for our loyal customers.

Vincent Bradley, CEO of Proper Wild


Proper Wild is a rapidly growing brand of energy supplements known for its clean and simple ingredients.

The brand boasts a 50% repurchase rate, with an established customer base of health conscious consumers who love the product for its clean ingredients and appealing taste.

As the company launched into brick-and-mortar retail and convenience stores, it partnered with Barstool Sports, marketing across the media company’s platforms to further elevate its brand visibility.

Over the next year, Proper Wild’s order volume surged 303%, reflecting the brand’s rapid growth and expanding market presence.

28% reduced costs per order

70% coverage for 2-day delivery

3 optimized, networked fulfillment locations



Proper Wild had already built a multimillion dollar online subscription business, and as its audience expanded, so did its order volume.

As any brand expands into retail, the complexity of its fulfillment operation multiplies. And naturally, as order volume increases, so do shipping costs.

As a scaling, venture-backed brand, operational efficiency is of utmost importance to Proper Wild. At the same time, the brand is committed to providing a quick, seamless delivery experience to its growing base of loyal customers.



Proper Wild trusts Flowspace to power rapid, reliable fulfillment that drives repurchase.

Leveraging Flowspace’s technology and expertise, the brand fulfills products out of three networked fulfillment centers. By storing and fulfilling products closer to end customers, Proper Wild is able to reduce delivery time and cost.

Flowspace’s transportation management system (TMS) further maximizes efficiency, automatically selecting the most efficient carrier available.




Despite industry-wide increases in parcel rates, Proper Wild experienced a remarkable 28% year-over-year decrease in fulfillment cost per order, highlighting the operational efficiency Flowspace provides.

And, more than 70% of orders are delivered to customers within two days, maintaining delivery expectations in line with the brand’s commitment to an exceptional customer experience.

With Flowspace, Proper Wild has successfully navigated the complexities of retail expansion, while increasing operational efficiency and reducing delivery costs.



Written By:

flowspace author Fabian Beltran

Fabian Beltran