Smart Network

Connected distribution and overflow storage

Lower capex, achieve network flexibility, and maintain full inventory visibility with Flowspace’s Smart Network. Flowspace captures all the crucial data you need to scale an agile supply chain, while connecting it to the ERP and supply chain systems you already have in place.

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Flowspace’s flexible model is the solution for enterprise supply chain leaders creating agility and resilience while reducing capital expenditures.

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ERP connectivity

Track inventory levels, movement, and the status of goods across all storage facilities.

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Flexible terms

Pay for what you actually use. Scale your storage space up or down based on your inventory needs.

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Real-Time Data

Push data into any and every business system you already use. 

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Tailored Solutions

Fulfillment logic that fits your specific commodity types and sales channels.

Flowspace maintains a network of +150 distribution centers across the US with 33 million square feet under management.

Capabilities include:

  • Overflow Storage
  • Distribution
  • Special Projects
  • FDA-Registered
  • Refrigeration + Temp Control
  • Hazmat

Powering Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

Dynamic network design determines the locations that offer maximum efficiencies to a merchant in order to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate delivery times. Flowspace has been recognized throughout the industry for excellence in sustainable fulfillment solutions. Network Optimization was named the 2021 Sustainability Service of the Year for its remarkable ability to reduce shipping distance and carbon emissions within the supply chain.

Award-Winning Sustainability Initiatives

The Power of Green Logistics

Sustainability and ESG are top priority for consumers and merchants alike, and Flowspace is proud to support sellers in integrating green practices into their operations. Green logistics not only benefits the environment but also bolsters efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

SEAL Environmental Initiative Award

Further showcasing its commitment to environmental responsibility, Flowspace was honored with a SEAL Environmental Initiative Award. This accolade underscores their dedication to making logistics and supply chain management more environmentally friendly.