How Emma Mattress Powered 5X Growth and Conquered the U.S. Market with Flowspace

Flowspace is the main contributor to our growth. If we are not able to fulfill orders, we are not able fulfill our promise to our customers. A big thank you to Flowspace.

Daniel Hernández, Team Lead Production to Deliver North America, Emma Mattress

Emma is the leading sleep company disrupting and reinventing the sleep industry. Since launching in 2015, the brand has exploded in popularity, ranked among the top mattress brands worldwide, with over 75,000 5-star reviews.

As Emma entered the U.S. market selling across DTC channels it faced an uphill battle, aiming to deliver their products to customers quickly and efficiently – a challenge with “big and bulky” items like mattresses.

Enter Flowspace, the seasoned expert in big and bulky fulfillment and network optimization.


5X sales growth 40% reduced costs

30% increase in on-time delivery & order accuracy

3 optimized, networked fulfillment locations


The Challenge

Aiming to deliver the quick, seamless delivery that customers have come to expect, Emma needed a reliable partner to ensure rapid fulfillment of their mattresses.

Big, heavy products can be costly to store and ship, so Emma was seeking a partner able to maximize efficiencies with an optimized network that would reduce shipping costs and shorten delivery times.

The brand was also in need of real-time visibility capabilities, as its commitment to top notch customer service meant it needed to be able to track orders and inventory from all channels, at- a-glance.

The Flowspace Solution 

Emma turned to Flowspace for its exceptional network optimization capabilities, pinpointing the optimal locations for Emma’s inventory to ensure quick, cost-effective fulfillment.

With Flowspace software integrated across the brand’s entire network of fulfillment centers, Emma gained real-time visibility, streamlined order management, and simplified inventory control and issue resolution.

This enhanced transparency created a sense of security and confidence for both the company and its customers.

Flowspace’s award-winning team provides top-tier support to Emma’s logistics team, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and enabling Emma Mattress to rapidly scale and expand its U.S. presence.

“Partnering with Flowspace has been one of the best strategic decisions we have made this year in the U.S.”

– Daniel Hernández, Supply Chain Manager, Emma – The Sleep Company


Exceptional Results

The results speak for themselves. Emma has seen exponential growth in the U.S. market since partnering with Flowspace. They now fulfill orders from three optimized locations across the U.S., reaching their DTC customers in four days or less.

Sales have skyrocketed by 5x, with a 40% reduction in costs and a 30% increase in on-time delivery and order accuracy.

Moreover, Flowspace’s industry-leading SLA adherence, boasting a 99% on-time shipping rate and a 99.9% pick accuracy rate, ensures Emma customers can trust they’ll receive their orders reliably and on time.


“Flowspace is the main contributor to our growth. If we are not able to fulfill orders, we are not able fulfill our promise to our customers. A big thank you to Flowspace.”

– Daniel Hernández, Supply Chain Manager, Emma – The Sleep Company


Emma’s success highlights the powerful impact of choosing the right fulfillment solution. Find out how Flowspace can help your brand overcome challenges and achieve impressive growth.



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