OmniFlow Visibility Suite

Centralized visibility and reporting improves customer communication and retention

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Know your customers, and keep your data

Access valuable customer analytics insights that help you to make informed inventory decisions and deliver an optimized customer experience. With customer data from the Flowspace platform, you can better understand your customer journey and make marketing and business decisions based on customer behavior.

Leverage customer insights and predictive analytics to ensure that you have the right amount of inventory on hand and increase customer engagement by cross-selling at optimal times. Improving the customer experience with selling best practices will not only increase customer acquisition, but can help prevent customer churn.

Real-Time Visibility

Stay ahead of low inventory and provide visibility from fulfillment through delivery with platform-level transparency.

Inventory Planning

Real-time insights and predictive analytics empower you to forecast inventory needs with confidence. Build customer retention and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring optimal inventory levels.

Network Optimization

With a connected network spanning the entire country, Flowspace finds the optimal fulfillment centers for your brand.

Order Management

Take control of orders from every channel and coordinate omnichannel fulfillment with ease.

Connect Your Partners to Flowspace

Flowspace’s breadth and depth of integrations allow you to bring your partners – whether they’re shopping carts, marketplaces, or retail stores – along as you grow.

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Flowspace is our partner in omnichannel growth, making it easy and efficient to manage orders and inventory for all channels, all in one system, where everyone has the visibility to know what’s going on.

Hector Omoigui, Senior Operations Manager, Reel Paper
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Flowspace showed us exactly where our inventory needed to be in order to fulfill products closest to our end customer for optimal cost and transit savings.
Kelsey Chabolla, Director of Logistics and Supply Chain
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The biggest benefit of working with Flowspace is the ability to diversify sales channels without adjusting our inventory practices.
- Nick Newlin, VP, Rukket Sports
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