Success Online and In Store: Rukket Sports Launches with Dick’s Sporting Goods

The biggest benefit of working with Flowspace is the ability to diversify sales channels without adjusting our inventory practices.
Nick Newlin, Vice President

Scaling Ecommerce

Before Flowspace, Rukket Sports handled almost all of their fulfillment through Amazon’s FBA services. In 2020, Rukket saw a rapid spike in customers looking for sporting goods, as the pandemic turned home fitness equipment into a sizzling hot category, but the company faced a major roadblock in the form of capacity constraints from FBA.

With its nationwide network, Flowspace identified two optimally located fulfillment centers to support FBA prep and DTC, and Rukket Sports was able to inbound its products and turn on fulfillment in a matter of days. 

The Flowspace platform provided real-time visibility into inventory and orders, and Rukket connected its Amazon and Shopify storefronts to automate fulfillment as orders were placed. With a single integration point connecting all storefront and fulfillment operations, Flowspace was able to handle direct-to-consumer fulfillment as well as FBA prep for Rukket.

Entering Retail

Dick’s Sporting Goods was a standout retailer in the earliest days of the pandemic, pivoting to curbside delivery of goods in March 2020 far ahead of other brick and mortar establishments. Not content to simply sell from store, Dick’s has also engaged leading DTC brands to sell under the Dick’s Sporting Goods umbrella – a win for consumers and ecommerce merchants alike.

Rukket again expanded their business by engaging Flowspace for dropshipping, appearing seamlessly on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website and fulfilling to customers directly. Thanks to Flowspace’s best-in-class EDI capabilities, Rukket was able to ensure retail compliance, avoid chargeback penalties, and execute on-time replenishment.

The biggest benefit of working with Flowspace is the ability to diversify sales channels without adjusting our inventory practices. Orders and inventory for Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, and Dick’s are all centralized and managed in one place, making it easier to scale without losing visibility or sending inventory to the wrong fulfillment center.

– Nick Newlin, VP, Rukket Sports


Omnichannel Reach

Fans of Rukket’s sporting equipment can choose how and where to shop the brand’s products, be it the Shopify storefront, on the ecommerce sites of major retailers including Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart, or via Amazon, as the flexibility of Flowspace’s network enabled Rukket to maintain its offering there with FBM.

Channel Diversification

Rukket was able to activate a diverse portfolio approach to its selling channels, encouraging product discovery and earning new customers by ensuring that Amazon FBA and DTC were not the only ways for sports enthusiasts to purchase Rukket goods.

Execution at Scale

Between DTC ecommerce and B2B fulfillment, Flowspace has Rukket covered. Rukket is able to achieve real-time visibility into its inventory to ensure on-time replenishment, and reduce and eliminate chargebacks, delighting sports enthusiasts nationwide.

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