How Simulate launched the Nuggs brand and scaled monthly shipments by 460%

Flowspace was the right partner for our brand. They took in our requirements and provided the logistics platform to build a personalized and fine-tuned fulfillment engine

Sam Terris, COO at Simulate Inc

Company Background

Simulate develops a line of products the are designed to be the most advanced protein nutrition technology. Nuggs, their flagship brand is meant to simulate a high quality chicken nugget.

Managed like a software company, Nuggs and their team of food scientists continuously update their recipes to bring new products to market and improve their customer’s experience. Nuggs’ brand commitment to innovation is consistent from their website to their bright red boxes delivered directly to consumers.


Simulate came to Flowspace looking for a long-term fulfillment partner that could help them store, pick, pack, and ship the Nuggs product line. Sold directly to customers through their Shopify store, each Nuggs order needed to be delivered frozen and assembled in their classic red boxes.


Tapping into the Flowspace Fulfillment Network, Simulate got instant access to a certified warehouse that specialized in fulfilling frozen goods. Connecting their Shopify store to Flowspace, Nuggs automated fulfillment and implemented smart routing that guaranteed each of their orders were kitted and delivered frozen within a 2-day time window.


Supercharged Growth

Flowspace makes it possible for Simulate to grow— and grow fast. They scaled monthly DTC orders by 460% with Flowspace’s fulfillment network and dedicated support team.

Better Inventory Management

Connected to the Flowspace WMS, Simulate has one place to view inventory, orders, and shipment progress. They streamlined inventory replenishments and improved accuracy with real-time tracking of their frozen goods, insulators, ice packs, and promotional materials.

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flowspace author Allison Champion

Allison Champion

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