How Rukket Sports Switched From a Regional 3PL to Improve Amazon and DTC Shipment Performance

Switching to Flowspace was a quick transition that completely changed our supply chain. They’re fast, efficient, and helpful. We’ve improved our margins and get orders out even faster.

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Company Background

Rukket Sports was founded and designed by athletes. Their products are engineered to the highest standards, come with lifetime warranties, and are built to stand up to the most rigorous of practice sessions. When customers purchase from Rukket, they come to win and a reliable shipping experience is the start of delivering on that promise.


Before Flowspace, Rukket Sports handled 100% of their fulfillment through Amazon’s FBA services. With PPE inventory being prioritized by Amazon and a rapid spike in customers looking for sporting goods, Rukket Sports came to Flowspace to quickly switch from their regional 3PLs and find a reliable set of warehouses that could handle their growing, multi-channel e-commerce orders.


Leveraging the Flowspace Fulfillment Network, Rukket Sports was able to quickly switch from their 3PLs and be matched with reliable Flowspace Fulfillment center located on the West and East Coast. They took advantage of Flowspace’s world-class fulfillment software to automate fulfillment and connect both their Amazon and Shopify stores. With inventory and order management under one system, Rukket got a single partner to handle FBA Prep, FBM orders, and DTC Shopify Fulfillment.


Better Margins

After switching to Flowspace Fulfillment, Rukket saw a 10% increase in margins for their FBM and Shopify orders. They increased their margins while also limiting their reliance on Amazon and shifted 25% of their orders to higher margin channels.

More DTC Sales and Shipments

Rukket Sports was able to expand their DTC sales channel and increased DTC fulfillment capacity by 255%. Confident that they could deliver on-time, the marketing team at Rukket Sports was able to invest more in promoting their website, increasing their website’s share of total sales by 20%.

Better Inventory Management

Rukket Sports brought their fulfillment management into one platform, saving over $50k year by replacing their existing WMS software.

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