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Flowspace Accelerates Leadership in Supply Chain SaaS
with Acquisition of RetailOps 

Unveils Refreshed Brand Identity Reflecting Full-Service Fulfillment Management Solution

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2023Flowspace, the software platform powering independent fulfillment, has enhanced its fulfillment technology with the acquisition of RetailOps, a San Diego-based software company that enables omnichannel brands to manage and optimize their supply chain operations.

Flowspace will incorporate RetailOps’ technology into its fulfillment platform, and all of its team members, including founders Sam Moses and Daniel Norman, will join the company. The acquisition accelerates product development and bolsters Flowspace’s ability to meet the needs of modern omnichannel retailers, who require real-time data that delivers actionable insights so they can centrally and efficiently orchestrate their supply chain.

In conjunction, Flowspace has unveiled a refreshed brand identity, designed to reflect the alignment of software and services that power its full-service fulfillment management solution.

“The acquisition of RetailOps’ sophisticated technology and talented team further accelerates Flowspace’s ability to deliver best-in-class software and service to our customers,” said Ben Eachus, co-founder and CEO, Flowspace. “Modern, omnichannel merchants need modern, omnichannel solutions that ensure top-notch execution. Whether they’re using their own facilities or rely on Flowspace’s network, our software gives brands the centralized visibility and reporting they need to orchestrate and optimize fulfillment from anywhere.”

Brands leverage Flowspace’s leading-edge OmniFlow software and its expansive network to orchestrate and optimize fulfillment across multiple locations.

As a standalone software, OmniFlow offers retailers operating any network configuration the centralized, omnichannel visibility and reporting necessary to manage fulfillment from anywhere. 

Flowspace’s flexible, distributed network seamlessly expands or enhances a brand’s existing network, while ensuring best-in-class fulfillment execution. Dynamic network design automatically identifies efficiencies and optimizations for a merchant and its customers, taking existing configurations into account.

Flowspace OmniFlow software comprises a suite of offerings to address even the most complex retail process flows, including:

  • Network Design: Flowspace’s proprietary network optimization algorithm that determines the ideal configuration of warehouses and fulfillment locations, along with inventory allocation, that maximizes efficiencies including cost savings, delivery times, and sustainability.
  • Order Management (OMS): Control order and inventory, rules, automations, and routing across an entire network.
  • Inventory Management (IMS): Immediate, transparent visibility across all inventory sources and demand trends for forecasting and planning.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Purpose-built for the supply chain to track the entire life cycle of transactions and manage costs, and capable of integration with systems such as Netsuite, SAP, and others.
  • Visibility Suite: A dashboard view that surfaces cross-channel order and inventory visibility through inbound and outbound delivery stages.
  • Vendor Purchase Order (PO) Management: Automated sourcing across vendor relationships, from standard ordering to seamless dropship and just-in-time integrations.
  • Product Information Management (PIM): Centralized product data and image storage to control a product catalog with confidence.
  • Channel Management: Automated catalog, order, and shipment tracking data flows.
  • Warehouse Management (WMS): Flowspace’s warehouse management system to facilitate day-to-day facility operations to manage inbounding, inventory control and pick, pack, and ship.

“With Flowspace, we bring cutting-edge fulfillment software and services to brands in every category with an intimate understanding of optimal business and data process flows,” said Moses. “Together, we’ll empower more merchants to optimize their operations and simultaneously exceed consumer expectations.”

Recently recognized as a leading provider of fulfillment software and services, Flowspace is trusted by more than 500 brands to enable efficient, reliable omnichannel fulfillment from any source, to any end customer. Its open platform is equipped to integrate with systems, channels, and partners across the retail ecosystem, including direct to consumer (DTC) storefronts, third-party marketplaces, brick-and-mortar retailers, and beyond. 

eGateway Capital served as advisor to Flowspace on the transaction.



About Flowspace

Flowspace powers independent fulfillment. Its OmniFlow software provides brands with the real-time visibility and insights needed to orchestrate and optimize fulfillment across multiple locations. 

Centralizing omnichannel visibility and reporting in a single dashboard, Flowspace empowers brands operating any configuration of locations with the data needed to manage fulfillment from anywhere. Its flexible, distributed network of +150 fulfillment locations enable merchants to expand or enhance existing networks, while ensuring best-in-class fulfillment execution. 

Launched out of the Y Combinator technology accelerator program in 2017, Flowspace was recognized by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2020. Recognized for its ability to reduce retailers’ environmental impacts, Flowspace was awarded the SEAL Environmental Initiatives Award and named Sustainability Service of the Year. The company’s dedication to customer service and support led to its recognition as Organization of the Year within the 2022 Excellence in Customer Service awards program.

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