Why Do Brands Need Omnichannel Fulfillment for Peak Season?

2 min read October 11, 2021

Customers today demand the option to discover and shop for brands across multiple channels. With the proliferation of shopping channels – from DTC sites to marketplaces to social media and messaging apps – shopping habits have spread, and brands need a way to connect all their e-commerce channels without setting up multiple logistics networks.

Omnichannel fulfillment allows brands to connect all their storefronts and shopping channels with an integrated e-commerce fulfillment system. Visibility into orders and inventory, and the ability to communicate that information across an organization in real-time is an advantage that only omnichannel fulfillment can provide.

Ahead of the peak shopping season – which is anticipated to be the largest and longest holiday sales season of all time – an omnichannel infrastructure is imperative for brands that want to optimize for cost reductions, increase customer satisfaction and improve the overall supply chain operation.

An omnichannel fulfillment strategy provides brands with:

  • Higher Accuracy – Omnichannel order fulfillment makes it easier to ensure order accuracy and streamline multiple channels into a single process.
  • Greater Efficiency – Higher order accuracy means great efficiency and a seamless shipping system.
  • Accurate Reporting – When you use a service like Flowspace to monitor your channels, you gain instant access to accurate reporting of your most important channels and insight into possible improvements.
  • Transportation Savings – Omnichannel fulfillment gives you the power to make the right shipping choices every time, which eliminates overspending on transportation.
  • Happier Customers – The greatest benefit of omnichannel fulfillment is the ease and convenience it provides to your customers – it simply makes it easier to be your customer, which is great for your bottom line.

Flowspace offers integrations with numerous shopping carts, marketplaces, and retail stores, enabling omnichannel fulfillment for seasonal spikes as well as standard operations. Find out how to turn on omnichannel strategies for your brand ahead of peak season today. Get in touch!