Making Social Shopping Sticky: How Fulfillment Fuels the Loyalty Loop on TikTok Shop

Allison Champion
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May 1, 2024
Modified: April 26, 2024

Social shopping is sticky! 

Business Insider reports that 81% of TikTok Shop sales are from repeat customers. 

The article explains: “The app’s sophisticated recommendation algorithm…is optimized to show users content tied to what they’ve already engaged with. When it comes to shopping, that means spinning up videos related to products a user has already bought, which may help drive additional purchases.”

The stickiness factor of TikTok Shop highlights the importance of providing a positive shopping experience for users, from product discovery all the way through to delivery. 

Once that shopper knows they’re going to find products they like on TikTok Shop, and that they’re going to receive them promptly, they build trust and return to shop again.

Fulfillment Fuels the Loyalty Loop

Well-executed fulfillment plays a vital role in driving the customer loyalty loop, where a seamless experience from end to end leads to repeat purchases and sustained trust in the platform.

The true essence of the customer loyalty loop lies in the fulfillment of orders. When shoppers receive their correct items promptly and efficiently, it reinforces their trust in the platform as a reliable place to shop. 

This trust, built on consistent and satisfactory fulfillment experiences, is what ultimately drives customers back to make additional purchases.

This is especially critical for emerging social commerce platforms. With a viral content engine constantly serving up recommendations-based content, brands can’t risk a bad review because of a poor delivery experience.

When selling on TikTok Shop – or any other social commerce platform – brands can focus on operational aspects like inventory availability, order accuracy, and timely delivery to establish the fulfillment foundation that fosters customer loyalty. 

And by integrating with best-in-class fulfillment providers – like Flowspace – TikTok Shop solidifies its position as trusted shopping destinations, thereby fueling the customer loyalty loop for long-term success.


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flowspace author Allison Champion

Allison Champion

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