Kitting Projects & Special Assembly Services

Kitting & Assembly Services for Ecommerce Brands

Working on a unique project? Do your creative products need assembly? Flowspace knows what it takes to assemble and ship your product to your customer quickly and cost-efficiently.

Your Special Projects Matter

Few experiences are as frustrating to a consumer as opening an eCommerce package to discover that it’s missing items. At Flowspace, your kitting and assembly projects matter. That’s why we take meticulous care to ensure your products are assembled according to precise specifications.

Kitting & Subscription Boxes

From marketing kits and subscription boxes to gift baskets and furniture, the Flowspace network of more than 1000 certified warehouses is specialized for kit assembly and optimized to help eCommerce brands exceed customer expectations.

Manage Your Kitting Projects

Flowspace customers can manage every aspect of their unique project with our platform. All-in-one, innovative solution with powerful tools and features to support your kit requirements, increase accuracy, connect with customers, and provide real-time visibility across your entire network.

You Sell It, We’ll Take Care of the Rest

It doesn’t matter if your customers are in Maine or California. We ensure your products are delivered on-time, intact, and with every part that is required.

Our network of warehouses located to provide your business with a robust geographic footprint and every service you need to keep your customers happy, including:

  • Storage
  • Kitting Assembly Services
  • Pick & Pack
  • Distribution
  • Wholesale Carton Pick
  • Item Labeling
  • Container Unloading & Cross-Docking

With 1000+ kitting warehouses and kitting fulfillment centers, Flowspace is the only logistics platform that offers storage and kitting services, as well as one and two-day delivery to every significant market in the United States.