How to Create Your Optimal Fulfillment Network

Casey Isaac
1 min read
August 10, 2021
Modified: September 8, 2022

E-commerce customers in an increasingly connected world want their purchases at their front doors faster than ever. As the speed of e-commerce continues to increase, so do customer expectations for a fast, hassle-free delivery experience.

Brands need multiple, distributed fulfillment locations in order to enable the 2-day shipping (or faster) that e-commerce consumers have grown accustomed to.

Network Optimization

The Flowspace Network Optimization algorithm identifies the optimal fulfillment centers for every brand, and can be customized to emphasize the elements that matter most. Flowspace can prioritize anything from minimized transit times to reduced total shipping costs to identify the best fulfillment locations for a brand.

With a network of fulfillment centers distributed across the country, Flowspace enables brands to provide fast, cost-efficient shipping to customers, no matter where they are located.

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flowspace author Casey Isaac

Casey Isaac