How to Leverage Shopify Integrations for Your Ecommerce Business

Allison Champion
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November 4, 2021
Modified: October 24, 2022

Ecommerce integrations are a crucial part of building a successful online sales channel through Shopify. While the platform has native tools for common store features – like reviews, loyalty programs, and product recommendations, third party integrations from the Shopify app store allow you to connect your storefront with powerful tools to further optimize and improve your ecommerce sales.

Brands can access integrations that connect Shopify with tools and systems to manage everything from marketing and analytics, to sales funnel optimization, to logistics services that optimize end-to-end shipping and fulfillment. With integrations baked into the Shopify platform, brands can operate their ecommerce business from a single point of control.

In short, integrations help you gain better control of your business by improving the communication between your internal systems and thereby, enhancing the customer experience to help build more revenue. There are many Shopify integrations available, each offering a specific benefit to boost your sales channel and operating capabilities. Maybe you know the answer to the question, “How does Shopify work?” but do you know which integrations to incorporate into your business strategy? Read on to discover 11 Shopify integrations that can elevate your ecommerce storefront.

Shopify Integrations to Enhance Your Ecommerce Business

Store Design, Marketing, and Promotion

PageFly Landing Page Builder

A highly-efficient tool, PageFly Landing Page Builder allows businesses of all sizes to create and publish a variety of landing pages to leverage higher sales conversion rates, particularly during the holiday season. With PageFly, brands can build sales pages, product pages, collection pages, FAQ pages, and contact pages that convey a sense of emotion, logic, and urgency. Brands can streamline the customer experience by designing beautiful landing pages that use elements such as pre-made templates, content display and graphics, countdown timers, low-in-stock alerts, store badges, and more to improve page performance throughout the holiday season.


PushOwl is a popular ecommerce integration that helps businesses convert anonymous one-time visitors into loyal customers using push notifications. The platform can improve checkout rate by reminding visitors about items left in their carts and gives promotions higher visibility by sending them straight to the customer’s screen. PushOwl uses data-driven analysis to track campaign performance and better understand customer behavior across multiple platforms.


ReConvert is an upsell and cross sell app used to boost an ecommerce store’s post-purchase experience by creating customized thank you pages for specific customers, products, and orders. The app uses trigger-based thank you pages to show the right upsells to the right people. It features widgets, including: product reorder, product recommendations, pop up with timer, order tracking, social sharing, post-purchase surveys, and birthday collector.


As one of the most-used Shopify integrations, Seguno is a time-saving email marketing platform allows businesses to build and automate engaging emails with an easy-to-use editing tool. The platform helps merchants drive more revenue by automating welcome campaigns, checkout abandonment, and post-purchase confirmations. Merchants can also build customer newsletters and integrate Canva to customize email design. Integrations can be made with Facebook, Instagram, banners, and pop-ups.

Operations and Management

Data Export Reports

This Shopify integration provides brands with access to data within every aspect of their online store through customized dashboards and reports. Data Export Reports gives brands the ability to view both summarized and detailed versions of reports analyzing product inventory, sales and commission, accounting and payout, customer behavior, metafields, and more. Plus, any report can be scheduled and automatically delivered through Email, FTP/SFTP, Feeds, and Google Drive in the form of an Excel sheet or CSV.

Ultimate Trust Badges

Trust plays a large role in customer buying decisions, which is why it is essential for brands to establish themselves as reliable and secure merchants. To help increase customer sales, reduce bounce rates, and build trust for customers visiting your online store, the Ultimate Trust Badges application lets you create visually appealing badges that signal to the customer that their information is secure at checkout. For better personalization, Ultimate Trust Badges offers 300+ types of badges that can be customized and strategically placed throughout the online store.

Customer Service

HelpCenter FAQ

A Shopify integration that specializes in helping brands provide customer service to their customers is HelpCenter FAQ. With this platform, brands can curate a personalized FAQ page to give potential buyers answers to the most commonly asked questions. The app includes customizable features that allow brands to tailor their FAQ pages to fit the theme of their online store. Another plus is that HelpCenter FAQ gives sellers the opportunity to create multilingual FAQ pages!

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat is a tool used to help online customers get the assistance they need through live chat and intelligent bots at all hours of the day. The platform enables sellers to receive customer messages either via live chat, e-mail, and Messenger and are housed in a single panel where sellers can more easily organize and track their incoming messages. The platform also employs intelligent Bots to answer customer queries when the seller is offline. This can help brands increase online sales by reclaiming abandoned carts and tracking customer behavior 24/7. 

Merchandising and Post-Purchase

Infinite Options

Designed to create an entirely customizable experience for online shoppers, the Infinite Options integration lets Shopify merchants offer product personalization in the form of  engraving, monogramming, custom printing and more. Using dropdown menus, number inputs, checkboxes, text, or image swatches, shoppers can tailor the product to their preferences before making the final purchase. The more options available for customization, the larger the order size, making Infinite Options a platform capable of boosting sales.

Route Protection & Tracking

The Route app is designed to help Shopify merchants own the post-purchase stage of the customer journey. Included in the Route app are post-purchase solutions, such as modern visualized order tracking and purchase protection if the shipment is lost, stolen or arrives damaged. Online merchants can also utilize Route to identify when buying intent is at its peak and when it is the optimal time to recommend additional purchases to add to cart.



Flowspace offers one-click integration with almost every online shopping cart and ecommerce marketplace, including Shopify. With software embedded within its network of hundreds of fulfillment centers nationwide, Flowspace provides ecommerce order fulfillment services that help brands provide the fast, affordable shipping customers demand. The Flowspace platform offers ecommerce brands real-time visibility into orders, inventory, customer insights and more,  supporting the customer experience from beginning to end.

Get More from Your Ecommerce Business with Integrations

With over a million ecommerce businesses using the Shopify platform, it’s helpful to understand how Shopify integrations can help boost business, as well as how easy they are to set up. Tracking and maintaining data from all areas of your operations ensures accuracy and oversight over your sales channel, growth, and projections.

Logistics, specifically, is a critical aspect of operations, which means it’s important to find an ecommerce order fulfillment solution that can easily integrate with your Shopify storefront and provide the fast, efficient fulfillment you need. Flowspace can provide two-day (or faster) shipping, insights to optimize your supply chain, access to real-time order and inventory levels, and is capable of handling almost any special request or custom requirements.

Assess which Shopify integrations will benefit your business most, and use them to grow and optimize your ecommerce store. Get in touch with Flowspace today to learn more.

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