Flowspace Named “Fulfillment Solution Provider of the Year”

Allison Champion
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April 24, 2024

Flowspace proudly announces its latest industry achievement – “Overall Fulfillment Solution Provider Of The Year” in the esteemed RetailTech Breakthrough Awards. 

RetailTech Breakthrough’s comprehensive evaluation process draws nominations from across the globe and underscores Flowspace’s impact on the retail technology sector. 

Empowering merchants to take control of omnichannel order and inventory management, Flowspace helps brands meet the evolving demands of modern consumers. With Flowspace, merchants are capable of powering fast, reliable fulfillment, regardless of where an order originates.

Empowering Fulfillment Excellence

At the core of Flowspace’s success lies its robust fulfillment software platform and expansive national distribution network, catering to the unique needs of omnichannel brands nationwide.

Leveraging advanced technology that analyzes historical data to pinpoint optimal fulfillment locations for each brand, Flowspace ensures efficiency in fulfillment and delivery. With over 150 locations in-network, brands can always access the fulfillment centers.

Unifying Retail Channels

Flowspace’s OmniFlow software integrates all sales channels – online, offline, retail, or B2B – and integrates with key partners within the retail tech ecosystem. Its open platform approach provides merchants with a centralized dashboard for enhanced visibility and control over inventory, orders, and fulfillment processes, streamlining operations and boosting overall productivity.

Exceeding Expectations with Precision

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Flowspace upholds stringent SLAs, boasting an impressive +99% on-time shipping rate and +99.9% pick accuracy rate. 

By prioritizing faster fulfillment and shorter transit times, Flowspace is able to significantly reduce end-to-end delivery days, ensuring prompt service and customer satisfaction. Moreover, the dedicated customer success team stands ready to address any issues that arise, enhancing the overall client experience.

Sustainability at the Forefront

Flowspace’s Network Optimization capabilities play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions within the supply chain. By strategically selecting fulfillment centers in close proximity to consumers, Flowspace not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to companies’ efforts to reduce sustainability impacts, aligning fulfillment practices with eco-conscious initiatives.

Powering Unparalleled Excellence

By optimizing fulfillment centers based on consumer proximity, Flowspace empowers brands with unparalleled efficiency and strategic insights, setting new benchmarks in the industry. This esteemed recognition from RetailTech Breakthrough reaffirms Flowspace’s commitment to innovation and client success, positioning the company as a trailblazer in fulfillment solutions.

Flowspace’s commitment to excellence and innovation propels it to the forefront of the retail technology landscape, setting new standards for fulfillment solutions worldwide. 

As the “Overall Fulfillment Solution Provider Of The Year,” Flowspace continues to redefine industry norms, empowering businesses to thrive in a digital era where efficiency and customer-centricity reign supreme. 

Join Flowspace on its journey to transform fulfillment operations and elevate retail experiences to unprecedented heights. Find out more today.

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flowspace author Allison Champion

Allison Champion

Allison Champion leads marketing communication at Flowspace, where she works to develop content that addresses the unique challenges facing modern brands in omnichannel eCommerce. She has more than a decade of experience in content development and marketing.

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