Freight and Transportation Management

Streamline Your Freight and Transportation Management with FlowspaceAI for Freight

AI-powered automation handles time-consuming, manual tasks

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AI-Powered Transportation and Freight Management

FlowspaceAI for Freight automates the manual processes involved with shipping and freight management, utilizing AI technology purpose-built for fulfillment.

  • Streamline and simplify manual freight management
  • Automate bookings and documentation
  • Improve operational efficiency


Our AI-powered assistant simplifies and streamlines the process, from booking date confirmations to documentation, so you can manage your transportation and freight needs with ease.

Get Instant Booking Confirmations

With FlowspaceAI for Freight, booking date confirmations are instantly added to orders, improving your workflows and processes. The AI-powered assistant instantly takes care of the tedious and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the parts of shipping and freight management that matter most to your business.


Streamline Documentation

Save time and effort on paperwork and documentation. FlowspaceAI for Freight will generate and attach appropriate documents and files to orders, reducing time and effort spent on administration.

AI-Driven Efficiency

FlowspaceAI for Freight leverages AI technology purpose-built for fulfillment, designed to eliminate the time-consuming processes associated with transportation and freight management. Our AI-powered tools empower merchants with automation and efficiency for improved operations.