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7 Pod Foods Distribution Centers and 30+ Additional Facilities

The collaboration with Flowspace and Pod Foods opens doors for brands to optimize their operations by co-locating inventory for both grocery distribution and DTC and B2B fulfillment. Flowspace enables brands to offer nationwide fulfillment through its network of temperature-controlled facilities managed in collaboration with MarPacific and Fresh Del Monte.

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Reduce transportation costs by combining two links of the supply chain:

By consolidating products within Flowspace facilities, brands leveraging Pod3PL can streamline logistics, reduce transportation costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Flowspace offers a suite of solutions to ensure FDA-level quality control at every step in your supply chain, including:

7 Pod Foods distribution centers (ambient, refrigerated, frozen) and 30+ additional facilities

Lot tracking reporting for perishables

State-of-the-art security

3rd party certification audits

FEFO and FIFO logic

Special handling

Strict SLA and FDA standards enforced by the Flowspace warehouse team

Data insights through FlowspaceAI

With Flowspace’s flexible capacity, we are able to expand our distribution footprint into key new geographies to keep pace with all of the new brands and retailers joining the Pod Foods supply chain.

Peter Gialantzis, CMO, Pod Foods

No other model empowers brands to integrate grocery distribution and fulfillment as seamlessly as Pod3PL, maximizing operational efficiency for our partners.

Peter Gialantzis, CMO, Pod Foods