Warehouse, Inventory, Orders, and Shipments — All in One Place

Make smart fulfillment decisions

Flowspace makes fulfillment software to help operations, warehouse, and customer support teams make better fulfillment decisions.

Get complete visibility to improve inventory accuracy, warehouse efficiency, and on-time shipments.

Connect, Visualize, and Analyze Your Brand’s Warehouse

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Enhance Visibility

Plan replenishments with accurate, real-time inventory counts.

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Improve Tracking

See product insights, order performance, and shipping costs.

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Better Performance

Hit SLAs with smart routing, automation and customized rules.

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Save Time and Money

Consolidate fulfillment management to one cost-efficient tool built for multi-channel merchants.

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Built For E-Commerce

Connect DTC and B2B orders with integrations for shopping carts, marketplaces, and EDI connections.

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Improve Customer Experience

Keep customers happy with accurate orders and fast shipping updates.

Fulfillment Software for Operations Teams

Manage inventory levels and fulfillment performance.

Your products are always moving. Flowspace gives you a single dashboard for the entire operations team to track inventory, forecast demand, and automate fulfillment. Easily access on-hand stock, monthly orders, and more to make better replenishment decisions.

Perfect for Warehouse Managers

Manage warehouse operations with confidence.

Easily assign orders, track inventory, and measure warehouse performance. Flowspace gives warehouse managers complex, yet simple to use tools for fast inventory and order processing. Boost pick and pack times with accurate inventory and easy scanning for every warehouse action.