Flowspace Powers Fulfillment for TikTok Shop

Take Your Social Commerce to the Next Level. Power Efficient, Reliable Fulfillment with Flowspace

Powering Fulfillment for TikTok Shop

Flowspace has partnered with TikTok to power fulfillment for TikTok Shop.

Find out how Flowspace can help you manage inventory and ensure efficient, reliable fulfillment across TikTok Shop and every other platform.

Pre-Integrated with TikTok Shop

Flowspace is pre-integrated with TikTok Shop. 

This means that merchants can now take advantage of Flowspace’s logistics solutions to power their fulfillment and ensure consistently efficient and reliable product delivery. 

With Flowspace, merchants can easily manage their inventory and orders, providing a seamless customer experience from initial exposure to product delivery.

Benefits of Flowspace and TikTok Shop

Merchants partnering with Flowspace and TikTok Shop can take advantage of the following benefits: 

  • Direct Integration: Match up product SKUs within Flowspace to the TikTok Product Catalog for a seamless onboarding to Shop. 
  • Nationwide Network: A flexible network of +150 locations enables fast, affordable, efficient shipping and delivery to customers.
  • Established SLAs: Flowspace adheres to best-in-class delivery and reliability standards.
  • Omnichannel Fulfillment: Flowspace powers omnichannel fulfillment, centralizing inventory, order, and orchestration controls across all sales channels and fulfillment locations.
  • Key Account Resources: Access dedicated support and resources such as account management and co-marketing.

Tap Into the $1.2T Social Commerce Market

There are many benefits to utilizing Flowspace’s services to power your fulfillment for TikTok Shop.

Not only will you be able to enhance your social commerce experience, but you’ll also be able to tap into the growing social commerce market, which is expected to reach $1.2T by 2025.

With nearly 50% of US adults making purchases on social channels this year, you’ll be able to take advantage of this opportunity and unlock greater success in the social commerce sphere.

Building Shoppable Connections

Social commerce is the evolution of advertising on social platforms. The ability to provide a seamless customer experience, from initial exposure all the way through product delivery, is enhanced by logistics solutions.

  • $1.2T will be spent on social commerce 2025
  • Nearly 50% of US adults will make a purchase on social channels this year
  • Improved fulfillment features like integrated inventory and order management would lead 47% of brands to invest more in social commerce 
  • 85% percent of consumers report that they will not shop with a retailer again after having a poor delivery experience.

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