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Flowspace and Two Boxes Launch Post-Peak Returns and Recommerce Capabilities for Omnichannel Merchants

Partnership empowers sellers to seamlessly navigate post-peak returns and exchanges

LOS ANGELES, January 9, 2024Flowspace, the software platform and distribution network powering independent fulfillment, today announced a nationwide partnership with Two Boxes to enhance reverse logistics capabilities for merchants contending with more than $80B in post-holiday returns and exchanges.

Flowspace’s fulfillment management system enables brands selling across ecommerce and retail to leverage their supply chains as a strategic advantage. This partnership with Two Boxes brings end-to-end returns and recommerce capabilities to sellers, enabling them to quickly and efficiently get returned inventory back to stock and on the right side of the balance sheet.

Ecommerce sales soared in 2023, topping $270 billion in spend during the peak holiday season, and $1.4 trillion for the year. With an average return rate of 16.5% per NRF, that’s over $231 billion in returned merchandise in 2023 alone — items that are often liquidated for minimal value or discarded in landfills. 

Poor return experiences are also a sales deterrent, jeopardizing up to 21% of online sales, Salesforce estimates. Together, Flowspace and Two Boxes enable merchants to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring quick, efficient returns and exchanges. 

“Customer-centric brands recognize that returns are not a problem—they’re a crucial aspect of the online shopping journey, and a brand’s return policies and procedures can make or break a customer’s decision to shop with them confidently,” said Ben Eachus, co-founder and CEO, Flowspace. “That’s why, in partnership with Two Boxes, Flowspace is optimizing how merchants handle returns, helping them transform more than $80 billion in returned holiday merchandise into profitable recommerce opportunities.”

Two Boxes seamlessly integrates with the Flowspace platform and with merchants’ existing returns tech stacks, including Happy Returns, Loop Returns, Aftership, and more. Its software captures essential information on inventory and product condition, providing data that empowers brands to eliminate fraud and waste, increase operational efficiency, and make informed business decisions based on data-driven insights.

“With Two Boxes and Flowspace, brands unlock data-driven insights that help them to reduce  waste and increase operational efficiency across the reverse supply chain,” said Kyle Bertin, co-founder and CEO, Two Boxes. “Sellers no longer need to dread returns, instead finding a valuable opportunity to improve profitability.”

About Flowspace

Flowspace is the software platform and distribution network powering independent fulfillment.

The company’s cloud-based OmniFlow software provides brands with the real-time visibility and insights needed to orchestrate and optimize omnichannel fulfillment, from any location to any end customer. The technology is integrated within a flexible, scalable network of +150 fulfillment locations nationwide, powering efficient, reliable fulfillment for hundreds of leading brands.

Flowspace has earned widespread recognition throughout the industry for advancements in technology, fulfillment solutions, and sustainability. The company was named an Inc. Magazine Logistics Power Partner, crowned “Order Fulfillment Solution of the Year” in the SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards, included in the Freightwaves FreightTech 100, and recognized as an Inbound Logistics Green Technology Partner.

Launched out of the Y Combinator technology accelerator program in 2017, Flowspace was recognized by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2020. More information can be found at

About Two Boxes

Two Boxes is on a mission to make returns an asset instead of a liability. Two Boxes’ technology enables 3PLs and merchants to improve in-warehouse return operations. Since launching in 2022, the company has partnered with dozens of 3PLs, empowering them to process tens of millions worth of returned inventory for leading brands across the US and Canada. 

Two Boxes’ innovative solutions have not only saved countless labor hours but have also prevented thousands of units of inventory from ending up in landfills. Moreover, the company provides both 3PLs and brands with invaluable data, making returns more efficient, intelligent, and eco-friendly. 

Like e-commerce and returns, Two Boxes employees are everywhere, with core teams in California and Colorado. The company has secured $4.5 million in funding and was recently selected as one of The Information’s 50 Most Promising Startups of 2023. Learn more at

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